Maui Coffee Roasters

Oct 4, 2021

Off Hana Highway in Kahului, you’ll find Maui Coffee Roasters, only a few short minutes from Kahului Airport. Maui Coffee Roasters has been voted “Best Coffee Shop on Maui,” by Maui Time Weekly and they proudly display their title above their main entrance. Inside, a groovy assortment of art, from paintings to surf posters, blankets the walls up to the high ceilings. You’ll also find some of Maui’s funkiest coffee fans mingling around the brightly colored tables.

Maui Coffee Roasters Entrance

Practice Makes Perfect

So what exactly makes Maui Coffee Roasters coffee so dang good? Well, for starters, Maui Coffee Roasters has been serving the Maui community since 1982, so they’ve had close to 40 years to perfect their pours. Secondly, Maui Coffee Roasters serves coffee that has been freshly roasted on-site. To guarantee the best possible quality, both Hawaiian and international beans are roasted in small batches, no more than 75 pounds, before being served in the shop or bagged for sale. Here you will find bags of 100% Maui Coffee, 100% Kona Coffee, and other international blends.

Maui Coffee Roasters Pastries

As if Maui Coffee Roasters doesn’t stand out from the pack enough already, their commitment to the environment takes them a step further. Maui Coffee Roasters utilizes a Loring roaster, which uses 60% less fuel and eliminates 90% of emissions released in the roasting process.

Maui Coffee Roasters Inside

In addition to coffee, Maui Coffee Roasters also serves a considerable assortment of bagels, breakfast sandwiches, wraps, as well as pastries, and when lunch rolls around, sandwiches and salads. After 2 pm, stop in for their “Happy Cappy” hour, when cappuccinos are on special.


444 Hana Hwy
Kahului, HI 96732
(808) 877-2877