Grandma’s Coffee House

Sep 28, 2021

Crisp mornings, stunning views, and world-class coffee- a morning at Grandma’s Coffee House is well worth the drive to the verdant Upcountry sector of Keokea. Grandma’s sits on the end of a small strip of town rife with history in a teal building adorned with potted flowers. Beyond the cozy inside dining area, the outdoor seating area at Grandma’s boasts vistas of Maui’s central valley, south shore, and neighboring islands.

Grandmas Coffee House Front Entrance

Can’t Beat Tradition

The delicious coffee served at Grandma’s has been in the mix since 1918 when Grandma’s namesake Minnie Franco began picking, pulping, hulling, and roasting Arabica beans grown in the rich volcanic soil of Upcountry Maui. Her home quickly became a place to talk story and sip her delicious coffee. Four generations later, Minnie’s family still handpicks the very same Arabica strain before roasting them in house at Grandma’s Coffee House. Guests can even sneak a peek at their 100-year-old roaster, which sits behind a display window next to the front counter.

Grandmas Coffee House Equipment

Fantastic coffee coupled with great food is usually the culprit behind Grandma’s Coffee House’s long lines. Visitors and locals alike flock to Keokea daily to taste Grandma’s famous coffee and indulge in what’s arguably one of the best breakfasts on Maui. The loco moco is tops, and the waffle with fresh fruit can’t be beaten. After a frigid morning spent watching the sunrise on Haleakala, Grandma’s is a great place to get cozy and warm up with a cup of Maui grown coffee.

Grandmas Coffee House Breakfast


9232 Kula Highway
Kula, HI 96790
(808) 878-2140