Better Things Cafe

Sep 28, 2021

Founded during the tumultuous year of 2020 by a group of friends, the inception of Paia’s latest coffee shop was born from one simple goal: to bring better food, better coffee, and ultimately, better health to Maui’s North Shore community.

Better Things Cafe Treats and Coffee

Deconstructed Iced Latte

From it’s home in a whitewashed building in Upper Paia, Better Things Cafe serves espresso from Waikapu based roasting company Social Hour. Far and away, the most popular drink item on the menu is the deconstructed iced-latte, served with coffee ice cubes. Located in a town where the temperature rarely drops below the mid-70s, coffee ice cubes are almost essential.

Better Things Cafe Ambiance

Instagram savvy folks will relish the creative, contemporary interior of Better Things Cafe, as well as the tastefully presented food. The menu stays true to Better Things Cafe’s initial goal, serving a variety of healthy breakfast toasts (go for the avocado toast with a poached egg) and guilt-free pastries like gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free donuts.


115 Baldwin Avenue
Paia, HI 96779
(808) 446-3388