Albaʻs Cuban Coladas

Sep 27, 2021

It’s no secret that Hawaii is a melting pot for plenty of different cultures. However, unlike the US mainland, Hawaii has minimal Latin influence. Alba’s Cuban Coladas fills the void, bringing the flavors of Cuba to the island since 2016. Alba’s Cuban Colada’s is named after the owner’s grandmother, and the logo is actually Alba’s own signature.

Albas Cuban Coladas Smile

My Personal Bond with Albaʻs

Getting personal for a second: I tried Alba’s Cuban Colada’s for the first time five years ago. I was only beginning to become a regular coffee drinker, and the iced cafe con leche blew my socks off. Unfortunately, Alba’s soon changed locations and I unknowingly thought she had closed for good. From time to time, I would dream about Alba’s and long for the rich, sweet cafe con leche. It was only recently that I discovered Alba’s had, in fact, moved even closer to my home in Upcountry. I was overjoyed but also felt like a fool for not bothering to look her up sooner. All the wasted years…

Albas Cuban Coladas Menu

Now Alba’s is located in Kulamalu Town Center outside of Longs. Although the coffee cart is tiny, Alba’s coffee packs a punch. In fact, Cuban coffee is known for its intensity. And if a simple cafe con leche (similar to a latte) isn’t enough for you, Alba’s Colada (six shots of sweetened Cuban espresso) should get you going. Alba’s is also the Upcountry outpost for authentic Cuban food like empanadas.


55 Kiopaa Street
Makawao, HI 96768
(305) 773-7107